Get out of a bad relationship

You’ve been with your partner for a long time, but that time has been full of heartache, breakups, and confusion. You have made plans for the future together and you do have some happy moments in your pocket that you share but somethings just not right about the relationship.

Your partner doesn’t fulfill your needs, they bore you, they anger you, they don’t make you happy – the list goes on and on but yet you stay.

Why? Because of the history you share together and the thought that it may change into something wonderful in the future.

That, and that fact that breaking up means starting over and having to meet the parents and friends all over again, not to mention having to get comfortable with a new partner, sex, and everything else that is already so familiar with your current partner. That’s a lot of effort to put forward.

But it just may be worth it!

You have to ask yourself (and be honest with yourself) about what you REALLY want to do.

Are you really happy? Do you really want to live the rest of your life in this state? Have you tried to work on the relationship and gotten no positive results. Will life really be better if you stay in an unhappy relationship?

Leaving an unhappy relationship is challenging. It’s new and you have to figure out your new path that once was set in stone. But that challenge will be worth the happiness that a new path will bring.

If you decide to stay on the path you are on (in the relationship) then you have a clear view of what’s to come. The best predictor of the future is the past. If you don’t change the dynamics of the relationship then you are going to be on that same path with the same results and the same unhappiness.

Bottom line: If you are honest with yourself and find out that you no longer want to be on that path no matter which way you look at it then yes, it is time to move on from the long term relationship you are in.