Gemini Love and Relationships Gemini Love and Relationships Ruling planet

  • Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Symbol: The Twins

Gemini is one of the most sociable and friendly signs of the zodiac. Gemini’s aren’t interested in complicated relationships. They feel that love should be fun and exciting, rather than mundane. Variety is the spice of live for the Gemini, and anyone who wants to be with them better get used to that!

Gemini’s enjoy all their relationships, which means that they don’t want the friendships that they have already developed with the opposite sex to be spoiled by a partner who is overprotective or possessive

Close friendships are just as important as emotional and love based relationships, and any partner of a Gemini must be willing to accept that aspect of their personality. Any partner will be more readily accepted if they are willing to embrace the Gemini’s current circle of friends.

A love relationship with a person who happily joins in with the group friendship dynamic of the Gemini is hugely appealing to this sign.

Gemini’s are active and dynamic, and when they find the right partner, chances are it will be with someone that they first connected with on a friendship level. In a relationship with a Gemini, a mate must be willing to keep them involved and active, otherwise the Gemini’s interest may fade. A relationship filled with open communication is very important, although oftentimes the Gemini will be likely to monopolize the conversation. A relationship with a Gemini should never be lacking in interesting new experiences, new topics of conversation, and new places to visit together.

In a relationship, a Gemini will look for someone who can keep up with them physically as well as mentally

They are drawn toward partners who are fun, and keen to experience new things. Routine is completely unappealing to a Gemini, and so they seek someone who can keep things exciting for them.

For a romantic partner, Gemini will usually find that their best match is with Libra. A Libran with have enough in common that they can relate, but also have enough that is different to keep their attention piqued. Gemini’s can also find happiness with Aquarius, whose love of variety will match their own.